eUML2 Studio is a powerful set of tools developed from scratch for Eclipse. These tools are designed specially for developers to put UML in action at the development level: ensure the software quality and reduce the development time.

This page gathers some screenshot of the products included in eUML2 Studio Edition.

eUML2 Modeler

1. Class/Package diagrams:

The following diagram has been generated from the Appender interface to display its inheritance and association relationships (Click on image for full size):

The next diagram has been generated from the org.apacha.log4j package:

The following screenshot displays a diagram mixing packages and classes:

The last screenshot illustrates the merged package feature:

2. Sequence diagram generation:

This is an example of a sequence diagram generated automatically from a method:


1. Dependency Inspector view:

Here is a dependency diagram focused on the package. The Dependency Inspector shows with 2 clicks the real dependencies between classes and packages. It can help you reduce the dependencies easily in order to improve the software quality and re-usability.

2. Class/Package dependency diagrams:

eDepend can generate diagram to display dependency cycles (Click on image for full size):

Another diagram focused on the org.apache.log4j.helpers.DataLayout class:

3. Project dependency diagrams:

To perform the following screenshots, a real life project has been used. Talend Open Studio is an opensource ETL based on eclipse RCP who competes favourably against major actors of this market. This software is built as a set of eclipse plugins. The following screenshot displays the dependencies and extension points implemented by the org.talend.designer.codegen project:

This screenshot points out the plugins who depend on org.talend.repository plugin (Click on image for full size):

4. Diagram creation wizard:

To create a diagram to explorer dependencies, eDepend comes with a wizard to select the kind of dependency to analyse: focused on an elements, relationships vith another project or a library, cyclic dependencies. The following screenshot displays the different pages of this wizards (Click on image for full size):

eEMF Modeler

Here is a screenshot of the Ecore diagram editor (Click on image for full size):


Go to eDatabase page to see screenshot.