eUML2 Modeler adds an UML flavour to java development within Eclipse. It's easy to generate Class and Sequence diagram from code.

Sequence diagram generation

eUML2 Modeler can create sequence diagrams from a java methods. The generated diagram will reflect the content of the method by displaying fields, local instances and method calls in addition to logic blocks.

Since verion 3.0.0 the diagram generation supports the return and throw statements.

Here is a small example of a generated diagram from the following code snipset:

This screenshot shows how to generate a sequence diagram from a method (click to get full size):

A filter dialog shows up to select the method calls to display in the diagram (see preference page):

Then the resulting diagram is:

return and throw statements support

Here are two screenshots displaying this feature

Diagram generation preferences

The diagram generation process uses a filter to select the method calls to display on the diagram. The following preferences page allows users to setup their own filters of method calls: