eUML2 Modeler adds an UML flavour to java development within Eclipse. It's easy to generate Class and Sequence diagram from code.

Merged Packages

This feature allows to display more than one packages into only one graphical element. The following screenshot shows how 3 packages have been merged into one figure:

Usually a component of an application are splitted over a group of packages and package dependencies diagrams are not clear enought. Grouping those packages in one figure reduces the numbers of displayed elements and improves the diagram lisibility.

Here is a concret usage of the merged packages:

The following screenshot shows how the diagram can be sum up:

How it works:

Select two or more package and use the Merge packages action:

In the same way, a merge package can be splitted:

Persistant configurations:

The configurations are used to apply on a diagram a package grouping policy. From the project properties or from some wizards, you can access to the configurations editor.

Here is a screenshot displaying how a configuration can be applied from the diagram popup menu: