eUML2 Modeler adds an UML flavour to java development within Eclipse. It's easy to generate Class and Sequence diagram from code.



Reverse engineering

The reverse engineering is a processus to rebuild UML model from java code. For this purpose eUML2 uses a powerfull bytecode analysis tool to extract model information and keep them synchronized with java code.

Besides basic information such as type names, type hierachies, attributes/methods list of types, etc..., this tool gathers additionnal information kinds:

  • Getter/setter methods
  • Cardinality of associations
  • Element type in collections
  • Inverse association resolution
  • Qualified association

  • Moreover this tool computes fine-grained dependency data used to display dependency links into class and package diagrams and by the dependency analysis toolset.

    You can find more explanations in the Reverse Engineering chapter of the product documentation.