eUML2 Modeler adds an UML flavour to java development within Eclipse. It's easy to generate Class and Sequence diagram from code.

eUML2 Modeler adds modeling capabilities in Eclipse. The Class/Package/Sequence diagrams help users to step back and look at their developments from a broader perspective.

Beside the addition of new features we carefully put final touches to each feature to improve the usability and get a smooth and tight integration to Eclipse.

 eUML2 Modeler Main features
 Class/Package diagram editor
 Sequence diagram editor
 Sequence diagram generation
 JDK 1.5 features support  Enumeration, Generic types, ...
 Advanced reverse engineering
 Real-time code/model synchronization
 Model Import/Export including the OMG XMI format
 Diagram export in PNG, JPG, and SVG
 Merged packages in dependency diagrams
 Outline view
 Color preferences
 Usage of UML profiles
 Modeling assistants
 Team support (CVS, SVN, VSS, etc...)
 JDT templates for code generations
 Customization of templates for code generations