eDepend integrates a set of tools to effectively manage and control class & package dependencies. Well controlled code dependencies ensure easy maintenance and evolution of code.

Projects / plugins dependency explorer

The projects/plugins dependency diagram works at workspace level to display relationships between workspace projects.

This diagram displays dependencies among projects with additional information such as the version requirement, if the declared dependency is really used, if the dependency is exported. Beside this feature the diagram can show information related to extension points implemented by plugins.

This workspace overview diagram can be used to navigate to class/package dependency diagrams. From any diagram element the diagram creation wizards can be run to get a diagram focused on a specific purpose such as relationships between two projects or with a library, presence of cycles in dependencies, etc...

The following screenshots come from Talend Open Studio. This tool is an opensource ETL based on Eclipse RCP. The next screenshot displays the dependencies of the org.talend.repository project (click to get full size):

The red link tells that the dependency on org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.oda.xml.ui project is unused and can be safely removed.

The next screenshot displays the extension points implemented by org.talend.core project (click to get full size):