eDepend integrates a set of tools to effectively manage and control class & package dependencies. Well controlled code dependencies ensure easy maintenance and evolution of code.

eDepend is mainly a dependency viewer smoothly integrated to Eclipse. The cornerstone of eDepend is its Class/Package dependency diagram who displays elements dependencies, relationships with libraries/other projects and dependency cycles. An additional view is used in combination with the diagram to list code elements who caused the depdendencies.

Beside the addition of new features we carefully put final touches to each feature to improve the usability and get a smooth and tight integration to Eclipse.

 eDepend Main features
 Class/package dependency explorer
 Projects/plugins dependency explorer
 Dependency Inspector view
 Dependency diagram wizards
 Outline view
 Color preferences
 JDK 1.5 features support Enumeration, Generic types, ...
 Merged packages in dependency diagrams