eDatabase is a general Database Eclipse toolsets. You can graphically design, create, reverse and access your databases. Torque, Hibernate and OJB code generation lets your application access your datas.

Database diagram editor

A data model is independent of hardware or software constraints. The data model focuses on representing the data as the developer sees it in the "real world". The Database Diagram editor will help you to follow the Database process :

A diagram can be read from a database schema and displays the tables (click to get full size).

Modeling assistants

popup toolbar:
This popup toolbar will appear near the cursor on the diagram backgroung and contains tools to create tables, notes, links or labels.

Over a table, the toolbar allows you to create columns, indexes, primary keys, or foreign keys.

Connection handlers:
They appear on the table bounds under the cursor. You can drag and drop the connection handler for creating an association between tables: