eDatabase is a general Database Eclipse toolsets. You can graphically design, create, reverse and access your databases. Torque, Hibernate and OJB code generation lets your application access your datas.

eDatabase adds Database modeling capabilities in Eclipse.

A data model is a conceptual representation of the data structures which include the data objects, the associations between data objects, and the rules which control operations on the objects.

A data model is independent of hardware or software constraints and is usually part of the analysis and conceptual process.

Architects can concentrate on their real job of implementing business logic.

Developers can always customize our database plugin to their specific requirements by coding their own SQL, Velocity and XML files.

Beside the addition of new features we carefully put final touches to each feature to improve the usability and get a smooth and tight integration to Eclipse.

Main features are the followings:

 eDatabase Main features
 Database Diagram editor
 DDL Reverse
 Data extraction
 SQL Forward
 Generate DDL to SQL files
 Generate Data to SQL files
 Import DDL SQL files
 Dictionnary validation
 Generate Torque Mapping Object resources
 Import Torque Mapping Object resources
 Generate OJB resources
 Generate Hibernate Configuration and Mapping resources
 Generate Hibernate Object resources
 Import Hibernate Configuration resources
 Generate Hibernate Mapping resources