eUML2 Studio is a powerful set of tools developed from scratch for Eclipse. These tools are designed specially for developers to put UML in action at the development level: ensure the software quality and reduce the development time.

eUML2 comes in two flavours: eUML2 Free Edition gathers all basic features needed by java developpers and is free of use (even for commercial purposes). eUML2 Studio Edition is an extension of the Free Edition with new and improved features.

The Studio Edition is now composed of four tools:

The following table sums up the main features of the available products :
(click on features or product names to get details)
Studio Edition
eDepend eEMF
 Main features
 Class/Package diagram editor
 Sequence diagram editor
 Sequence diagram generation
 Ecore diagram editor
 Class/Package dependency explorer
 Projects/plugins dependency explorer
 Advanced dependency analysis tools
 Database diagram
 Database tools
 JDK 1.5 features support
 Enumeration, Generic types, ...
 Advanced reverse engineering
 Real-time code/model synchronization
 Model Import/Export
 Support of OMG XMI format
 Usage of UML profiles
 Diagram features
 Diagram export in PNG, JPG, and SVG
 Outline view
 Color preferences
 Modeling assistants
 Miscellaneous tools
 Team support (CVS, SVN, VSS, etc...)
 JDT templates for code generations
 Customization of templates for code generations
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