eUML2 Studio is a powerful set of tools developed from scratch for Eclipse. These tools are designed specially for developers to put UML in action at the development level: ensure the software quality and reduce the development time.


1. I wondering if I can use free version of eUML2 software for commercial use?

Sure. You can use eUML2 free edition for your commercial developments. For more detail information, please read the license file.

2. When I click on the button in Eclipse's icon bar, a dialog shows up with a message "There is no such resource". Why?

This message indicates that no diagram is found in your workspace. Make sure you have at least a UML project opened.

3. I cannot print my diagrams in Linux GTK, is it a limitation of the free edition?

No, it isn't limitation of our free edition. It is an Eclipse issue. You can find more information in Eclipse bugzilla Bug 24796. It seems this problem will be fixed in Eclipse 3.3.

4. Whe I install eUML2 from the Update manager, When I select the button "Select Required", I got an error message "eUML2 Free Edition (xx) requires feature "org.eclipse.emf.xx", or compatible. What's wrong?

You need expand the tree view of "Callisto Discovery Site". Please read the installation step 3.

5. Cannot activate JDK 1.5 features.

There are two conditions to activate the JDK features: To change/setup the project Java compilation compilant, right select the project in the package explorer and then select the entry "Java Compiler" in the left tree. You should find the JDK compilant option. Please read the documentation JDK 1.5 activation