Database Schema SQL Script

This chapter is composed of :

  1. Introduction
  2. Database Schema SQL Script
    1. Database Schema SQL Script Page
      1. Script Name
    2. Finish
  3. Templates

1. Introduction

The purpose of this chapter is to show how to generate a Schema SQL Script.

When forwarded to your Database, this script will be able to define the Meta Data of your Database.


2. Database Schema SQL Script

To start the Database Schema SQL Script wizard, select :

File->New->Other->Database->Database Schema SQL Script


Select an object in the Package Explorer View or the Navigator View then right-click and select :

New->Other->Database->Database Schema SQL Script

The selection is contextual.

It means that if you select an existing Database Object :



The wizard will open the parent Database Connection in update mode.


Otherwise :



A new Database Connection wizard will be opened starting with a New Folder selector.

In Database Connection Update mode this wizard has four pages :

In Database Connection Create mode this wizard has five pages :


2.1. Database Schema SQL Script Page




2.1.1. Script Name

Script Name is the name of your new SQL script.

Each resource should have a unique name in the targeted selected workspace folder or project root.

This data is not related to any Meta Data information.

This name will be the file name of the generated SQL file.

Its file extension is :

This file is referenced in your current Database Connection.


2.2. Finish

The script generation of the new Database Schema SQL Script will be processed and created.



Detailed information is available in the DatabaseConsole window.



Some databases do not support Database Schema SQL Script generation.

In this case a message is displayed in the Database Connection page.


3. Templates

This wizard is Template based.

Below your Plugin Templates or MyTemplates you should see the following directory:




These templates are Velocity based and use the Torque Model API.