Global Preferences - Database Schema


This chapter is composed of :

  1. Introduction
  2. Database Schema
    1. Database Schema DTD
    2. Validate DTD
    3. Reverse Filter
      1. Default Value
    4. Default Foreign Key
  3. Torque

1. Introduction

The Schema Preferences allows the developer to set the Schema global settings.

These settings will be inherited to each new Database Schema wizard page.


2. Database Schema



2.2. Validate DTD

Our Database Schema file is associated with a Database Schema DTD.

When this option is activated the DTD will be validated against its associated Schema.

As an example the following screenshot shows the Database Console result when opening an empty schema file.

The associated DTD rules that a database node should have at least one table or view defined.



2.3. Reverse Filter

The Reverse Filter changes the reverse behaviour when you access the Meta Data of your Database.

When selected :

are not reversed.

When selected

are analysed and filtered.


2.3.1. Default Value

When reversed, Default Value can be encoded as characters, Base64 or Hexadecimal value.

This behaviour is inherited from the Database SQL Global Preferences Encoding Policy.


2.4. Default Foreign Key

You can control the default behaviour of a Foreign Key.

The options available are:


3. Torque

The Database Schema containing all the database physical descriptions is Torque compatible.

If you plan to generate Torque objects, you can set the default Torque options.

For further details about Torque options, you will find a detailed page here.