eFace is the Worldwide First XAML solution for Java. It provides an unified programming model for building both rich client application and RIA. It keeps insulation for applications from the technology/environment change such as Swing, SWT or Web/Ajax.


As an universal presentation framework, a rich and complete library of standard controls is necessary to support user interface (UI) development

1. Control Library

UPF standard controls can be logically grouped into several categories :

2. Control Customization

The extensibility of the UPF control model greatly reduces the need to create a new control. However, in certain cases you may still need to create a custom control such as domain components or third part product integration. The Custom Control is used to change the standard control appareance and behaviors and UserControl is used to create a new control.

3. Content Models

ItemsControl Content Model, ContentControl Content Model and Decorator Content Model

Please visit Microsoft MSDN Web for detail information about XAML and WPF.