eFace is the Worldwide First XAML solution for Java. It provides an unified programming model for building both rich client application and RIA. It keeps insulation for applications from the technology/environment change such as Swing, SWT or Web/Ajax.

Available Features in eFace

eFace is a platform-independent and technology-neutral presentation framework. It provides a consistent programming model for building applications and provides a clear separation between the UI and the business logic. An eFace application can be deployed on the desktop or hosted in a web browser. It also enables richer control, design, and development of the visual aspects of applications

Regard to the development method, same as WPF, eFace supports two ways to create UI elements :
eFace has supported the following main components of WPF (click on the link title to get in details) :
The Documents and Graphics and Multimedia are not yet available.

Please visit Microsoft MSDN Web for detail information about XAML and WPF.