eDatabase is a general Database Eclipse toolsets. You can graphically design, create, reverse and access your databases. Torque, Hibernate and OJB code generation lets your application access your datas.

Soyatec's philosophy is to be focused on a native Eclipse integration, to respect official standards, to be independent of technological choices and to use UML to integrate.

EclipseDatabase plugin allows you to work from a modeling point of view using a graphical database diagram.

Architects can concentrate on their real job of implementing business logic.

Developers can always customize our database plugin to their specific requirements by coding their own SQL, Velocity and XML files.

Having a tight integration with Eclipse, and eUML2 will allow project managers, lead technologists, architects and practitioners access to the same tool for the entire project life cycle.

Companies need advanced data modeling, Eclipse and Java integration.

EclipseDatabase is merged with the core of eUML2 Studio Edition in order to offer advanced mapping functions. The UML2 Hibernate Profile is a full POJO cycle compliant.

EclipseDatabase is an advanced data modeling Eclipse plugin which allows in our current release:

  • Data modeling
  • Reverse/forward
  • Generate DDL to SQL files
  • Dictionary validation
  • Working with 23 RDBMS (MySQL, DB2, Oracle ...)
  • Database Console
  • Working at three levels
    • Diagrams
    • Wizard
    • XML or Velocity templates
  • Torque Mapping
  • OJB Resources
  • Hibernate Mapping