Eclipse Tools for Microsoft Silverlight

Paris (France), October 13, 2008 - Soyatec announces the launch of an Open Source project Eclipse Tools for Microsoft Silverlight, with technical and financial help from Microsoft, and the donation of one Visual Editor component used in eFace to this project.

The purpose of this project is to provide a cross-platform development environment to build Rich Internet Application (RIA) Web application on Microsoft Silverlight. It consists in a set of Eclipse plug-ins that addresses two main issues: Silverlight applications development, and easing the integration of Java-based web sites and services into Silverlight applications.

Community Technology Preview(Alpha) version of the Eclipse tools for Microsoft Silverlight will posted October 14th, 2008 on the open source software development SourceForge Site under the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 where anyone can submit bugs and feedback or contribute to the project. The final complete version Eclipse Tools will be released in spring 2009.

Soyatec has also submitted the project to Eclipse Foundation as an open Eclipse project.

"We are proud of working on this project to provide a professional Eclipse Tools focusing on Productivity and Industrialization for enterprise developers." the CEO of Soyatec Yves Yang said. "This project enforces our business position on the professional services in Eclipse tools development and the product development of declarative UI based on XAML for Java. And it concretizes a fructuous collaboration with Microsoft France teams which have supported us with their architectural expertise and enthusiasm to answer real world enterprise interoperability issues."

"We selected SOYATEC as a partner on this project because of their unique expertise in Eclipse plugin development, as well as their strong commitment to XAML" said Stève Sfartz, Architect, Microsoft France.

"Microsoft is excited to be working with Soyatec on this cross platform Interoperability effort to enable Silverlight Platform and Developer experience for Eclipse Developers. By enabling this capability, we will make both choice and interoperability a more practical option for Eclipse Developers" said Vijay Rajagopalan, Principal Architect of Interoperability Technical Strategy at Microsoft Corporation

About Soyatec

Soyatec, located in Paris France, Xi'An and ShenZhen China, is an international software company and one of major Eclipse solution providers. It was founded on early 2006 by a group of Java engineers who had worked on Eclipse since 2002. As Eclipse Foundation Member, it has contributed to several Eclipse projects: Visual Editor, BPMN2 and e4.

In terms of products, Soyatec focuses on the UI interoperability between different technologies in Java and also between Java and .Net by developing an innovative solution eFace on declarative UI in Java based on XAML.

Since September 2006, Soyatec has created an Outsourcing division in China on Eclipse development. It shares its Eclipse expertise with customers (i.e. to benefice the competitive advantage.