Soyatec Joins Eclipse Foundation

Paris (France), September 7, 2008 – Soyatec and Eclipse Foundation announce that Soyatec will begin immediately to serve as an Add-in Provider to Eclipse community and has joined the foundation.

Everyone who supports the Eclipse development platform and its extensive plug-ins will be interested in all UI frameworks and tools to simplify the development tasks. Declarative UI programming based on markup language XML is new programming paradigm for enterprise application. It provides a component-based infrastructure to make the reusability of UI components become a reality, and it separates the application developers into several groups with different specific knowledge such as graphic designer, domain developer and technology component implementer. Each group may need different tools: visual editor, code generator from business model etc. This new approach and organization can minimize the technical prerequisites, reduce the time to market and finally improve dramatically the development productivity.

UI frameworks and tools in Eclipse Foundation

“We welcome Soyatec as a new member of the Eclipse Foundation” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. “Their experience and expertise in Eclipse UI development will be welcome contributions to the Visual Editor and Eclipse 4.0 projects.”

Active Participation in the Eclipse Community

Yves YANG, Soyatec President, remarked, "We have spent more than 6 years in the Eclipse community by providing several plugins on EMF, UML and BPMN modeling. Since two years, we have worked on the Eclipse Visual Editor project and developed a new brand on declarative UI: eFace. We have now joined the Eclipse Foundation to become even more actively involved in this community. Precisely, we will invest considerable resources in the contribution of the VE project and e4, and create some new projects:
“In the meantime, we will promote intensively the development of Eclipse in China by proposing training courses, organizing Eclipse conference and providing professional customer service“, added Yves YANG.

About Soyatec

Soyatec is founded on early 2006 by a group of Java engineers, who had worked on the first native UML solution for Eclipse since 2002. Now, this new company continues developing and marketing this product with legal copyright, and launches a new brand on declarative UI - eFace.

Since September 2006, Soyatec has created an Outsourcing division in China to share its Eclipse experiences with very low price.