Soyatec donates XWT to Eclipse

Paris (France), March 20, 2009 – Soyatec, Eclipse Foundation Member, announces to contribute on Declarative UI in e4, the next generation of eclipse platform. Soyatec has donnated a XML-based declarative solution XWT project to Eclipse community, which is a result of two years' research and development. And Soyatec will keep the strong commitment for further development such as integration with CSS Style, e4 workbench and development tools like eclipse VE and PMF (Presentation Modeling Framework).

About Soyatec

Soyatec, located in Paris France, Xi'An and ShenZhen China, is an international software company and one of major Eclipse solution providers. It was founded on early 2006 by a group of Java engineers who had worked on Eclipse since 2002. As Eclipse Foundation Member, it has contributed to several Eclipse projects: Visual Editor, BPMN2 and e4.

In terms of products, Soyatec focuses on the UI interoperability between different technologies in Java and also between Java and .Net by developing an innovative solution eFace on declarative UI in Java based on XAML.

Since September 2006, Soyatec has created an Outsourcing division in China on Eclipse development. It shares its Eclipse expertise with customers (i.e. to benefice the competitive advantage.